Earlier comments

 I oppose this out of scale development. These changes were made with little input for the neighborhood residents. Council people represented people other than those who voted for them. This is a pleasant mixed density neighborhood just right for a happy medium and good transition zone between pure single family and full on high density. The streets are already full of cars. The buses are more than full at peak times. What are we: a pack of sardines to stuff the tin full? Capitol Hill

 As a current resident of Capitol Hill and a former resident of 12th Avenue, I support this petition. We can’t let developers make all the decisions about land use. Human scale, trees, set-backs from the street are important to keep Capitol Hill from being a site of future urban blight as the developers move on to make money off of some other neighborhood and we are stuck with ugly buildings and a bleak, desolate landscape.  Capitol Hill

 I have recently sold a remolded/restored 1907 house in Ballard to a private couple with kids. I find it completely disgusting what ‘developers/builders’ are doing to Ballard. Ultimate fault lies with city/county ‘planners’ who are so desperately frothing at the mouth for tax revenue they allow this crap to take place. Great work whoever initiated this petition.  Ballard

 Please enact these sensible changes; we have lived in Capitol Hill for over twenty years (my wife 25 years) and see the obvious decrease in quality as money hungry developers with NO VESTED INTEREST in our beloved communities feel it is their right to go anywhere and throw up garbage, make their profit and never be seen or heard from again; this is the same mentality that gave us Wallstreet and the destruction of Main Street across America for a few ridiculously overcompensated greedy individuals who view human beings as simple canon fodder to enrich themselves at any cost–forget about families, communities and humanity in general. We have to change this type of attitude and thinking or the Seattle we all know and love will be yet another casualty of greed and the thoughtless/soulless pursuit of personal gain. Capitol Hill

 I spent ten years in Manhattan, so I’m familiar with the “Manhattanization” process: brownstones were torn down and huge, ugly apartment complexes replaced them, leaving the neighborhood feeling generic and soul less. I’d hate to see that happen to Capitol Hill. Density isn’t necessarily bad, but it has to be accomplished thoughtfully, with an understanding of scale and what is appropriate for the neighborhood. Capitol Hill 

 In order to preserve the character and diversity of Capitol Hill, it’s important to keep multiple-family apartments to a height in keeping with houses on the same block – and even next door. With careful planning, it’s possible to obtain much needed housing without destroying decades and centuries of buildings that have made Capitol Hill such a wonderful place to live. Capitol Hill

 I support the goals of maintaining the green, light, and 3-story character of our neighborhoods. I’m especially troubled by the destruction of century-old homes in good repair like the Victorian era houses at 18th and Denny, built in the 1890s, of which there are very few in Capitol Hill, or in Seattle at all. Density is great, but Capitol Hill is already as dense as any neighborhood in Seattle. How much is enough? Capitol Hill

♥  Thank you so much for spearheading this – those of us who live in multi-family areas and have seen the overwhelming negative effects of goliath buildings invading neighborhoods where there’s a pleasant mix of 3 story buildings, single-family homes etc need a VOICE! Our neighborhoods are losing what makes them so special. Capitol Hill

♥ These important decisions need to be made by the people who live in the neighborhoods, not by the moneyed interests.  Ballard

 Save the sunshine!   Capitol Hill