Housing advocate John V Fox endorses SSU petition

SSU is pleased to announce that John V Fox, head of the Seattle Displacement Coalition, has signed our petition and is backing our effort to control out-of-scale development in Seattle’s lowrise multifamily zones.

Mr. Fox is a longtime advocate for Seattle’s low-income and homeless population, and an outspoken defender of longtime residents being displaced from their homes as runaway growth wreaks havoc on our neighborhoods. We are deeply grateful to have the support of someone whose name commands so much respect in our community. Below are the comments accompanying John’s signature, which echo the distress being voiced by so many Seattleites:

The U-District is where I lived for 20 years, and my office still is located for some 26 years.  This is also where I went to college, and “hung out” since I was a teenager (I won’t tell you how long ago that was but everyone had very long hair}.  My neighborhood is being irrevocably altered and destroyed by out-of-scale runaway displacement inducing development.  It’s time for a moratorium on runaway growth until our city rewrites the code, imposes developer impact fees and approves one for one low income housing replacement requirements.

Link to a recent ARTICLE by John V Fox calling for a moratorium on upzoning