No Design Review?

Could it be that the developers were so intent on getting the maximum rental revenue from every inch of this project that they neglected to create a space for garbage bins?

Because of loopholes created by the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD), this project was able to circumvent full Neighborhood Design Review, where residents and the developer’s professional peers on the Design Review Board could have insisted that there be appropriate facilities.  As a result of this regulatory oversight, these garbage bins are permanently located on the sidewalk of this residential street, making passage difficult for neighbors and even more difficult for a parent with a baby carriage, an elderly person with a walker, and the disabled, thus violating City right-of-way policies.  Is it fair that the City allows loopholes in the Code so developers can reap bigger and bigger profits while neighbors are left to suffer the consequences?  Were some of the outcomes in the November 2013 election a backlash against elected officials who fail to address developer abuses like this?