The Most Livable City

Seattle’s reputation as a livable city is greatly dependent upon the human scale of its neighborhoods.

The difference between 30′ and 40′ is critical in defining what is and isn’t human scale, particularly in the sloping neighborhoods of our city of hills, in which 40′ becomes 50′ from the perspective of downhill neighbors and pedestrians, with green incentives bonuses sometimes resulting in 54′ buildings.

Seattle’s high northern latitude already limits hours of winter light and sunshine, and 40′ buildings create a much greater and more offensive shadow of darkness upon their neighbors, completely cutting off sun to neighbors for months.

Out of scale and out of character buildings detract from the beauty of our city which is the heritage of all its citizens; and  the creation of dark, shady tunnels between tall buildings is particularly depressing and unattractive in a city already subject to a significant level of cloudiness and rain.  The increase in height blocks views in a city famous for its views of the Cascades, the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and our many bodies of water.

The explosive rate of development is producing unimaginative, cookie-cutter buildings that will leave a legacy of mediocrity in the heart of our great city.  The increase in bulk reduces green space around buildings dramatically, in a city known for its generous set backs, old trees, and dramatic spring bloom.

Please help us preserve what is unique, beautiful, and vibrant in Seattle.

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