Seattle Speaks Up

Seattle Speaks Up is a community organization that seeks to maintain the diversity and livability of Seattle’s mulifamily residential neighborhoods.

*****Click Here for Urgent June 25, 2015 Update*****


  • In 2013, we wrote a petition asking Seattle City Council to alter 2010 legislation that has led to construction of excessively tall, out-of-scale buildings in Seattle’s lowrise 3 multifamily neighborhoods.

Click here to read and sign our petition.   When you sign, you have the option of joining our mailing list to get occasional updates on our latest issues and actions. (You can also sign the petition and opt out of our mailing list.)

Click here to learn what happened when we took our petition to Council President Sally Clark in late 2013.  We will be visiting other city councilmembers in 2014, so new signatures will get to city councilmembers in these upcoming visits!

Click here to learn about the upcoming January 14th 2014 city-wide meeting about changes to the Land Use Code that the city is considering in response to our petition.


Our guiding philosophy is that healthy multifamily lowrise neighborhoods play an important role in preserving Seattle’s quality-of-life, and that density in these neighborhoods needs to be balanced with abundant access to sunlight, green space, and views.

If you’d like to actively help, contact us at with your name, neighborhood, and contact info.  Since we are a volunteer group of your neighbors who have time-consuming jobs and family obligations, we may not always be able to respond – and if we do respond it may take several days.  But, rest assured that we always appreciate your input.

Thank you for your interest in an issue that is vitally important for quality of life in Seattle.