What DPD was considering to correct the Lowrise Code

Below is a partial list of changes to the lowrise zoning code that DPD was considering in December 2013, in response to the SSU petition (click HERE to see the petition).  

Modifications that DPD was considering in Dec. 2013:

• A reduction in the maximum allowed height of apartment buildings in Lowrise 3 zones in urban centers and urban villages to either 30 or 35 feet from the current 40′ allowance.  However, to our dismay, this KEY change seems to have been dropped in Jan. 2014!
•Deletion or modification of the current bonus allowance for an additional 4′ building height for buildings with a partially below grade ground floor.
•Modification or reduction of the Floor Area Ratio exemption for the partially below grade areas.
•Modifications to the current Average Grade Plane Height Measurement Technique.
•Modification/elimination of the current +4′ allowance for Clerestory Projection.
•Modification of Gross Floor Area tabulation to include exterior stairs and corridors currently not counted against FAR.

Items NOT under review by DPD in Dec. 2013:

•Location and extent of Lowrise Multifamily zones.
•Increasing mandatory parking requirements.
•Re-instating or increasing restrictions on allowable density.
•Base Floor Area Ratio reduction not associated with bonuses or exceptions.

SSU thinks that if heights are rolled back to 30 feet and all the other modifications listed above are adopted, new construction would be substantially more in scale with existing buildings in Lowrise 3 neighborhoods.  

However, to our great disappointment, in January 2014, the reduction of heights in LR3 appears to have been dropped from the list!

Find out more about the meeting where we discovered this and what YOU can do about it HERE.