Who We Are

Most importantly, we live in the neighborhoods we are defending.

We are the nurses who take care of you at Harborview.

We are the guys who serve you dinner at your neighborhood restaurant.

We are the young couple who has saved for and bought a first home in Seattle.

We are students living in inexpensive shared housing.

We are star gazers who wake up at 3 AM to watch the Northern Lights light up our skies.

We are the lady who has walked her cat through the neighborhood every morning for 30 years.

We are teachers, carpenters, architects, engineers, and artists.

We bike, run, and often walk miles to work, greeting our neighbors on the way.

We are renters who have lived for years in the same place; and renters who just moved in.

We are gardeners, who need early spring light for daffodils, south light for roses, and summer sun for tomatoes.

We live in 1930’s brick apartments, newly built townhouses, turn of the century Seattle boxes, craftsman bungalows, and affordable housing units.

We are sun lovers who bask in the sunniest spots in our homes on rare sunny days in the winter.

We are people who chose to live in lowrise 3 neighborhoods because of their diversity and density.

We are homeowners who don’t mind living a block from a mental health facility or next to apartment dwellers.

We are people who have spent our lifetimes improving our communities, our neighborhoods and our homes.

We are low income, fixed income, high income – and a goodly chunk of ordinary middle class folks.

We are parents with kids who help garden, have a pet and know their neighbors.

We are young people new to Seattle who have moved here because they like what Seattle is now.

We are elderly men and women who have spent our life’s energy and years in the creation of our communities, relationships and living space, in the slow knitting of a social fabric that is irreplaceable, and who long to age in place.

We are African Americans, Asians, and people of other ethnicities; we are immigrants and the children of immigrants.

We are people trying to solve the problems of the world and people trying to solve their own problems.

We are people who care a lot and contribute a lot.

We have deep roots in our communities – and we are committed to preserving Seattle’s neighborhoods.

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